Business/Community Partners: We recognize the business and community organizations that promote educational advancement as a strategic element of shared success.  We look forward to opportunities to collaborate with you in sustaining the vitality of Utah's workforce. We believe the success of the O2S fund can contribute to the achievement of your organizational goals. We are fortunate to work in a spirit of partnership with the Salt Lake Inner City Project and with the outstanding colleges and universities in the Salt Lake City metro area and beyond. We look forward to other alliances that will serve students.

We also maintain an online bulletin board of general education information at our companion website. Please also use this resource:

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All information contained in this website including the supporting documentation is copyrighted to Onward2Success.

The O2S Team: Our board members and managers are dedicated individuals from the Salt Lake City business and education communities. We are all unpaid volunteers. The fund is sponsored by our donors. Onward2Success is not formally affiliated with any other organizations. Our charter is to promote education, raise scholarship funds, and ensure the efficient administration of the scholarship program to provide the maximum benefit to students. Darby Checketts and Sharon Checketts are our day-to-day managers who coordinate O2S activities within the guidelines established by the O2S directors.  Click Here to see our directors roster.


Onward2Success: A Community Scholarship Fund

2018: Thanks to those who helped to expand our assistance to deserving students.