Since the fall of 2014, 119 deserving students have been awarded 160 Onward2Success scholarships. Here are some of their comments...

  • "I want to thank the people who gave not only money but also time and love for me to have this opportunity to study in this wonderful country."
  • "I went to the workshop. It was fun and motivating. To the donors who put in money toward a good cause, can I just say: you are making a difference."
  • "This scholarship will help me to meet my goals of having a good career and feeding my family in the future."
  • "Thank you for the award and for spending your precious time and money to help on the developing and support of poor students."
  • "How grateful we are for your help of teaching us and giving us hope that education is achievable."


   Welcome!  Please Note:  Our next scholarship offering will be for only the fall 2018 school term. 

We will begin accepting and reviewing applications on June 1, 2018.  /  Note: There are no awards for spring/summer! 

Important - Award Criteria:  (a) Student financial need, (b) college readiness,  and  (c) first-come, first-served.


OUR MISSION: Our mission is to help make higher education more accessible to all members of our Utah communities and to assist individual students as they lift their educational horizons and expand their career opportunities.

O2S OVERVIEW: If you would like to read or download a summary flier, please click here for English or for Spanish.

OUR O2S TEAM: We are all unpaid volunteers. The fund is sponsored by our donors. Onward2Success is recognized as a "public charity" under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Aside from covering our minimal operating expenses, all funds raised benefit the students we serve. The Onward2Success scholarship fund does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, or any other prohibited trait. We are not formally affiliated with any other organizations.

​​Background of Our Outstanding O2S Award Recipients:
Most are new college students. They come highly recommended by their school, church, and community leaders. They are usually first-generation college aspirants with a high level of financial need. They represent several ethnic minority groups. All have completed the O2S "Education Preparation" workshop.
Their Career Goals:

  • Medical/Healthcare - 19
  • Business/Accounting - 56
  • Science/Technology/Engineering - 27
  • Social Services/Education - 5
  • Law - 5
  • Music - 1
  • Other - 6

Their Schools:

  • LDS Business College - 66
  • University of Utah - 11
  • Salt Lake Community College - 16
  • BYU-Idaho - 11
  • BYU - 5
  • Westminster College - 1
  • AmeriTech College - 1
  • Utah Valley University - 4
  • Utah State University - 2
  • ​Other - 2

THE COLORS OF O2S:  Green symbolizes growth and prosperity. Gold symbolizes excellence and the wisdom that is gained through educational attainment.

OUR SUPPORTERS: We are grateful to those who share our core values.

1. Inclusiveness and Accessibility. We appreciate the cultural diversity of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. We promote an inclusive process to make the benefits of higher education more accessible to all who recognize its value.

2. Sustained Prosperity for All. We are optimistic about the future of our great State of Utah. We are committed to expanding the workforce to include more college educated and technologically-skilled job candidates.

3. A Spirit of Global Family. Many members of our communities have come here from lands abroad. Others of us have traveled to these same countries to work and to serve. We are mutually supportive.


Onward2Success: A Community Scholarship Fund

2018: Thanks to those who helped to expand our assistance to deserving students.